Sativa Semillas de Cannabis

Long before, cannabis by products were already utilized for industrial purposes such as fiber from hemp, cannabis seeds and seed oils for medicinal treatments and as a recreational drug for most cases. Experts made ways to lessen the THC content of cannabis which is said to be responsible for the psychoactive effects. The culprit behind these psychoactive effects is Marijuana which comes from the Sativa variety. Cannabis Sativa is known to possess higher THC level as compared to other varieties.

Cannabis samen in German, Graines de cannabis in French, and Semillas de cannabis in Spanish whichever way it is called, the name cannabis will still rise through the occasion. Cannabis sativa is used as a daytime drug by some experts due to its high effect on the user. The popular product from marijuana contains high levels of THC that produces psychoactive effect on its user. Sativa usage is not intended to harm or introduce a new narcotic drug.

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Food and Drugs Administration has already acknowledged the medical capacity of sativa to cure ailments such as glaucoma, nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, neuropathic pain, muscular pain, recreational pill. But even so, they still haven’t agreed on making Marijuana a legal drug. Even the number of positive reviews claiming the medicinal effect of semillas de cannabis, they still control its production from passing thru. Click here for more details. 


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