Cannabis is a recreational drug used many to relax stressed body muscles. Though many debates that cannabis is used for medicinal purpose which is also true, we cannot definitely hide the fact that people usually use it for recreational purposes only.

Users usually buy cannabis seeds to be used as an alternative for smoking tobacco. Well in fact some studies shows that smoking weed is better than tobacco because toxicity level and addictive effect of cannabis is way below than nicotine from smoking tobacco. Cannabis is also ranked last from a list of addictive vices which includes smoking, coffee, alcohol, cocaine and heroin.

Marijuana is the most common by product of cannabis. Marijuana is dried leaves and flower of cannabis sativa which are packed into cigarette like sticks called joints. A joint is smoked just like a normal cigarette but without the use of any filter.

Psychoactive Results

Short term effects of hot and cold sensation of the skin.

Short term memory loss

Less mind and body coordination

Lowers the rotor skills and increase heart rate. Though it has a relaxing effect on the users’ body which is why it is used as a recreational drug.

Intimate and extreme feelings

Aggressive behavior

Unexplainable sense of self pity – Causes for the large intakes of Marijuana user. Sometimes it may lead to addiction.

Marijuana or Cannabis has its share of medicinal help and as well as psychological adverse effects. It depends on the method of using it. For people wanting to buy cannabis seeds it presents a certain number of usages that are of use aside from smoking weed.

When you buy cannabis seeds or Kaufen cannabis samen in German, you better make sure that you are dealing with a reliable seller with relative documents that show its legality to do service. To visit World of Seeds website click here


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