Kaufen Cannabis samen means “Buy Cannabis seeds” in German. Buy and sell of cannabis seeds are common in other countries like Europe as compared to other countries. But in other countries “cannabis samen” is illegal although there are some benefits of cannabis in our health. Shelled cannabis seeds or “cannabis samen” are becoming very well-liked dietary supplement due to their beneficial fatty acids and rich protein content. Cannabis seeds derive from the similar plants, C. Indica or Cannabis sativa, which produce marijuana, even though the plants are processed and cultivated in a different way so cannabis seeds have extremely low amounts of psychoactive cannabinol like THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Generally, shelled cannabis seeds are harmless, but a few people may undergo some unexpected side effects.

In modern medication, marijuana is used as anti-nauseant, it helps treat severe vomiting and feelings of vomiting. It is also used it treatment of cancer during therapy, for both chemo and radiation therapy which cause people to vomit a lot.

From when it began being used medically, it has been known for promoting appetite as well as suppressing nausea, this is evident from regular users, and they have high appetite especially after using smoking. However, if overdosed, cannabis can cause the feeling of wanting to vomit.

In buying cannabis seeds or “cannabis samen” you need a trusted seller; Seed shops do not open up anytime they want to do business. Just like normal businesses, they do have their permits to make their businesses valid. Seed shops cannot operate without proper verification from authorized offices.

World of Seeds is an institution with people who are lovers of nature and science, a multicultural group immersed in various cultures and made up of expert breeders, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, and geneticists. Visit if you are interested in collaborate with World of Seeds.


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