World of Seeds bank offers affordable and cheap cannabis seeds that you can buy or order online. They have the best and high quality cannabis strains collections. Visit their website to view their interesting collections.

AUTOFLOWERING – This collection has been selected amount most precious varieties and they crossbred them with ruderalis genetics, enriching it with auto flowering gen to offer an auto flowering line of high psicoactivity levels. These varieties can be grown in any year season as they do not respond to photoperiod.

LEGEND – In this collection, World of Seeds has selected those varieties that, along the time, they made history in the world of cannabis, causing an impact within the cannabis community, due to their features such as appearance, fragrance, flavour, brain effects and others. They offer their special tribute to all those varieties that will remain their memory as mythical and irreplaceable varieties.

PURE ORIGIN – This is one of the collections that have taken their most time, work and personal efforts. World of Seeds obliged to travel through the five continents in search of the most interesting indigenous genetics. Therefore they can offer you, without almost having to leave home, premium and exclusive seeds.

SPECIAL – World of seeds present the Special Collections. Excellent cannabis seeds online (Indica and Sativa Collections) these collections are specially designed to give you a set of fabulous varieties at a great price. Each variety is individually packaged.

DIAMOND – The Diamond Collection has been developed, thinking of the most demanding and experienced cannabis users, a line of seeds that might be called ‘top-shelf’. A selection of exquisite genetics, crossed among each other to obtain, in their opinion, a very interesting and unique crossbreds.

MEDICAL – As a respond to the therapeutic needs of a large number of people in the society who suffer from severe diseases that involve terrible pains, and are forced to use aggressive medical treatments, World of Seeds has developed a collection specially aimed at those persons and their needs. Therefore they offer seeds giving plants of high CBD and CBN contents.

When you buy cannabis seeds or Lorsque vous vente de graines de cannabis  in French, you have to know the regulations and laws relating to cannabis seeds trade tend to differ from country to country. 


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