Growing Marijuana indoors

To start growing your seeds, you will need some marijuana seeds. You can find your best seeds by visiting The types of seeds used for indoor cultivation are often different used for outdoor growing. Once you have your seeds you need to choose an area or place to grow. This can be a closet (wardrobe), an attic, or a sectioned off part of a room, a whole room or a basement. It is important to plan this step well as the results will reflect your planning. The more you do the higher quality and fewer problems will follow.

The closet should be painted white (this reflects light the best). Better still get some panda film or Mylar if you have (these are both sheets of plastic, black on one side and silver or white on the other). Not only do these give you excellent control, but reflect much better. You can affix the rolls of panda/Mylar with PVC (duct tape). Do not use mirrors, they reflect light poorly.


The indoor grow room should be well vented with an extraction fan (the bigger the room the more powerful this needs to be). Cut the roof if possible like a regular bathroom fan. The air also needs to circulate freely throughout the room or space, usually a regular oscillating fan will work good, make sure it’s not blowing the plants around too much as this will stress them. Venting the marijuana grow room is very important as the lights will put out a lot of heat.

Choosing containers for growing

Use regular garden pots for growing, though just about any plastic or even metal container can be used. If using regular soil makes sure there is a layer of drainage at the bottom of the pot (gravel) it is important to obtain high quality soil, don’t just dig it from your garden. The size of the pot will determine how big the plant can get, use around 1-6 gallon containers as a general rule.

Marijuana Lighting

All plants need light and there is no sun indoors. The light provided by the sun needs to be replaced with an artificial light source. The growing cycle is also controlled by light. This is one of the main advantages of growing graines de marijuana indoors. In growing period (vegetative), lights are kept on for approximately 18 hours a day. If you want plants to flower the light is restricted to 12 hours light (and 12 hours dark). Turn back the lights as it is referred to, induces the plants to bud. Flowering usually lasts for 8-12 weeks and then the plants are ready for harvest.


The ideal temperature to grow marijuana is around 75 degrees F or 24 degrees C. Plants though can survive from around 40 degrees F (5 degress C) to 100 degrees F (38 degrees C). Humidity in the grow room should be kept between 60- 80%. Above 85 % and the risk of mould is greatly increased.



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